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QS MAPLE 2021 Virtual Conference and Exhibition

The Future Today: Sustainable growth towards 2030
23-25 March 2021

The deadline to submit your proposal is 1 March 2021

Proposals will be evaluated on how well they fit within the theme and applicants will be informed about the outcome of the evaluation by 12 March 2021.

Tracks and Topics

The coming ten years represent an important stage of implementing higher education planning, but not all countries within the region are on equal footing, and each has their own unique challenges. What are the differences in approach by country and region? How do universities overcome barriers within their own country, and assist others? What does the path towards the final goals look like; what is the strategic journey from 2021 to 2030?

Research and development remains one of higher education providers’ primary goals, and many innovations have come due to the tireless work of institutions. What is needed to continue to support this work? What areas of development should be of focus in the coming decade to advance higher education and society? How can traditional norms in research and development be challenged and improved?

One of the greatest opportunities for growth and unlocking potential is to improve access to education. Achieving this, however, faces several challenges around access, both from a technological and social standpoint. How can institutions improve resource access for students? What approaches should be taken to encourage and support students from backgrounds with traditionally low representation? Why is doing so important and how do case studies provide insight into its overall potential?

The African continent is a diverse higher education landscape which faces challenges and opportunities, such as a booming student population, but limited partnership and funding prospects. How are institutions navigating these challenges? What help can be provided from outside the region, and what can be generated internally? Can case studies from one country or institution be replicated elsewhere, or do they need to be adapted?

While 2020 showed the potential of a new normal, it also disrupted providers’ strategies and them to react and respond to unforeseen challenges, rather than pre-empt them. A year on, the Arab and African region can now begin to resume planning for students’ futures, and use the experience to further develop strategies for employability, entrepreneurship, and life-long learning. Where are the greatest opportunities for this? What needs to be retained from the past and what needs to be changed or replaced? How can students be brought on that journey?

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