Welcome Message

The continuing rapid development of Saudi Arabia and the growth of various new sectors of the Kingdom’s economy call for a substantial number of university graduates capable of leadership in diverse fields of business, engineering, information technology, culture, education, community development and public administration.

In Saudi Arabia, the speedy and continuous progress taking place at its industrial and other economic sectors, have led to a demand for more graduates who can lead the new transformation in business, culture, education, social development, and general administration. Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University is an academic institution within Saudi Arabia contributing to its educational and developmental goals in different fields. PMU curriculum and system was designed by Texas International Education Consortium (TIEC) consisting of 32 universities in Texas.

The university helps the kingdom achieve its educational and development goals. PMU’s success is reflected every year when its students graduate and begin fruitful careers in various fields. These graduates are equipped with comprehensive knowledge and global competencies which are the main drivers of development.

Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University is among the potential contributors ensuring that the Kingdom develops the necessary manpower with the appropriate competencies, technical knowledge and foresight to rise to the challenges ahead. I welcome you at QS Maple 2020 in Bahrain, where prominent education leaders will gather and share experiences.