Welcome Message

Dr Issaa H. AlAnsari

I welcome you in QS MAPLE 2021 Virtual Conference under the theme “The Future Today: Sustainable Growth towards 2030”. It is our sincere wish that by the end of this world-class forum, all of us will have a greater understanding that it is not the geographical distance between our institutions and organizations that matters, but rather our ability to collaborate, cooperate, and learn from one another that is of greatest significance.

On behalf of Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University faculty and staff, I welcome you. I am pleased to offer you my best wishes for a very successful conference and we are delighted to be organizing partner of this conference.

The nexus between learning and research is most important for developing and sustaining world-class institutions of higher education. This conference agenda will be presenting and debating the holistic academic ecosystem comprised of learning, education, research, innovation, globalization, management and governance at universities in the Middle East and Africa. For us, the 21st century is our time to advance the education of our youth and increase the awareness in our societies that we are taking our place in the world. Let all know that we are eager for full and equal partnerships with the scientific, technological, business, and intellectual communities of the world. The conference will offer insight and guidance on how to achieve these goals.

A glance at our program of outstanding speakers reveals the abundance of rewards to be gained from international co-operation. What is more, our intercultural program demonstrates that open-mindedness and intellectual tolerance are the seeds from which enlightened innovation grows. Let us be inspired by this fascinating and speculative vignette and let us learn to engage with one another in this endeavour for institutional excellence in higher education.

Once again, on behalf of Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University and all the conference organizers and partners, I welcome you and thank you for your participation.

Dr Issaa H. AlAnsari
Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University
Saudi Arabia