About Prince Mohammad bin Fahd University

About the University

Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University (PMU) is a dynamic private university located in Al-Khobar area in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. The initiative to establish the University has been taken by a group of renowned individuals under the auspices of HRH Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd Bin Abdulaziz. The University is particularly appropriate for serving the business, industrial and community needs of the KSA.

Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University offers undergraduate and graduate degrees, all programs are taught exclusively in English, in the following subject areas:

Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University offers a variety of programs and services that are intentionally designed to complement and enhance the student’s educational experience at PMU. In order to meet the high admission standards for the degree programs, PMU offers a Preparatory Program of study for students who need additional preparation in the English language, mathematics and learning skills. The decision on whether or not a student should complete the Preparatory Program depends on the results of the English language proficiency test. While students sharpen their intellectual skills in the classroom, programs in campus life are designed to complement classroom learning through experiences, group work, and activities. These programs also provide a variety of opportunities for PMU students to develop additional skills in their six core competencies. PMU also offers excellent facilities for a full range of academic and student services in a manner that recognizes and maintains the cultural and religious values of the Kingdom.

The PMU campus is symmetrically divided to provide facilities for male and female students. The male and female campus houses academic facilities including the College of Engineering, the College of Business Administration, the College of Computer Engineering and Science, the College of Sciences and Human Studies, and the College of Law in addition to the Preparatory Program and the Core Curriculum.

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