About Zayed University

Zayed University Program Package:

Zayed University is a leading federal institution of higher education in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The University was established in 1998 by the founding president of the UAE, the Late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, to serve the educational needs of the young nation as the country rapidly progressed and modernized. Sheikh Zayed’s dedication to educational advancement as a means of national development shaped the University’s philosophy and forms the very core of Zayed University’s objectives:

    • To provide a world class education for all students that will inspire, support and nurture student abilities through access to highly qualified faculty and dedicated staff.

    • To offer diverse and internationally recognized undergraduate and graduate programs that provide engaging and inclusive student experiences. Graduates will be prepared to contribute to, and to promote, the social and economic wellbeing of UAE society and their respective professions.

    • To contribute to building a knowledge-based society through research, scholarship, creative activities, outreach and continuing education services. In order to disseminate knowledge to local, regional, and global communities.

Today, Zayed University is notable for encompassing two modern campuses in the U.A.E.’s largest cities, Abu Dhabi and Dubai, under one central administration. The University has expanded considerably over the last two decades—current enrollment is over 9000 across the two campuses—providing students with a growing range of challenging degree programs, diverse extracurricular activities and modern facilities. However, Zayed University remains small enough to maintain personal interactions between students and faculty that fosters focused teaching, active participation and a strong sense of community.

The University follows a US system of higher education with a focus on an outcomes-based curriculum, learner-centered classrooms, and a quality, liberal arts, general education supportive of students’ professional aspirations. This curriculum is delivered by an international faculty from over sixty countries with extensive experience in both teaching and scholarship. Zayed University’s degree programs are offered by seven distinct colleges which include: College of Business (COB); College of Education (COE); College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS); College of Natural and Health Sciences (CNHS); College of Communication and Media Sciences (CCMS); College of Technological Innovation (CTI); and College of Arts & Creative Enterprises (CACE).

Zayed University is accredited by the Commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA)—the internal quality assurance and accreditation body of the UAE—and internationally by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (USA), one of six regional accreditation bodies in the USA which assures internationally recognized programs from a quality-assured university.

Along with a dedicated teaching philosophy, Zayed University readily supports an active research community of over 500 scholars working across a multitude of disciplines, conducting vital research in their respective fields and producing research for peer reviewed international publications. Dedicated research facilities have been established to support these endeavors and include: Cognition and neuroscience laboratories; Hyperspectral and instrumentation laboratories; Bloomberg virtual training laboratory; Cybersecurity and digital forensics laboratories; Marine and coral propagation laboratories; and 3D printing and robotics fabrication laboratories. These facilities are complemented by a dedicated Centre for Educational Innovation; the Institute for Social and Economic Research; and Assistive Technology Resource Centers.