At a Glance

The point of departure for QS MAPLE is university excellence and advancement in the Middle East and Africa. Put simply, QS MAPLE is about how to make universities better.

Advancing higher education is a multi-dimensional undertaking and one that requires an outward focus, both towards establishing partnerships in the Middle East, Africa and beyond, and towards global best practices that are relevant for universities in the region. Global interaction and a strong local community of practice make QS MAPLE the crucible for higher education innovation and reform in the Middle East and Africa.

QS MAPLE is an advancement accelerator that provides a platform for knowledge-sharing and professional networking. The combination of a diverse and high-level audience, a conference format conducive to open discussions and social interaction, and QS MAPLE’s location in key cities in the Middle East and Africa, are all key to its success.

Therefore, QS organizes this upcoming QS MAPLE 2021 Virtual Conference with the aim of bringing together higher education leaders and industry professionals who not only advocate internationalization in the pursuit of excellence, but are also keen in enhancing their university reputation through research and work together on achieving adaptable brand strategies.