Prof Sulaiman Al-Zuhair

Professor and Chair
Chemical and Petroleum Engineering Department
UAE University
United Arab Emirates

Sulaiman Al-Zuhair is a Chemical Engineering Professor at UAE University and currently holds the position of Chair of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering Department. Before that, he held the positions of Director of Project Management Unit and Coordinator of the Postgraduate Program. Prof. Al-Zuhair is the recipient of several national research awards, including the Dubai Award for Sustainable Transport (Best Academic Research) in 2019, and he is on the Editorial Boards of several journals. Majority of Prof. Al-Zuhair’s research is on using biocatalysts in various applications, particularly in biofuels production (biodiesel from microalgae or waste materials, and bioethanol from lignocellulose waste and seaweed). His research resulted in the publication of over 80 papers in reputed journals. He also has two patents under his name and published a book and three book chapters.