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Middle East and Africa’s Annual Strategic Summit for the Advancement of University Excellence in All its Forms.

Ahlia University is proud to host the 8th QS-MAPLE conference, which is held under the theme of “The Middle East and Africa’s annual strategic summit for the advancement of university excellence in all its forms”.Ahlia University is a leading private highereducational institution located in Manama, kingdom of Bahrain. This conference comes at a time when Ahlia University is ranked as the fastest rising university in the Arab region and ranked number 35th among more than 1000 Universities in the Arab Region.

We extend a very warm welcome to the conference delegates who will travel from many countries to the kingdom of Bahrain, where they will share information and experiences on global best practice in the delivery of higher education and research.

Higher education is a very important and globalized industry and this conference will enable academics and administrators to exchange knowledge and opinions in their fields of interest, which are also highly relevant to regional issues and challenges. Forum delegates will be able to discuss the importance of evaluating Middle Eastern and African universities in a regional and global context. It will also help enhance the leadership and planning skills and competencies of all participants.

Hence we will witness best international academic and administrative practices and common challenges facing academic leaders in educational institutions, especially those focusing on technology.

The 8th QS-MAPLE conference will provide institutions and educationalists with the relevant information and support so that they can innovate teaching and learning methods.

We at Ahlia University are looking forward to the 8th QS-MAPLE conference and welcoming the delegates to Bahrain.

Warm Regards,

Prof. Mansoor Al Aali
Ahlia University


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