Middle East and Africa’s Annual Strategic Summit for the Advancement of University Excellence in All its Forms.

QS-MAPLE 2018 is officially less than a month away! This is a higher education conference not to be missed!

As we enter an era of customisation, it is fundamental for universities to keep up with the change so that they are in line with the contemporary needs of the society and are able to remain relevant to prospective students. We live in a dynamic environment and are always in pursuit of the latest operation systems. However, at present, the platform that plays a fundamental role to the growth and success of future generations has yet to be entirely updated.

Advanced digital technologies are expected to replace numerous jobs in the advanced economies. However, there is an excessive focus on the developed economies and a lack of distinctive differentiation of different populations – socially, economically and politically. Therefore, QS-MAPLE is a conference organised with the aim of addressing this concern, particularly in the area of higher education within the Middle East and Africa region.

By attending the upcoming QS-MAPLE, we believe that it will not only help higher education professionals and academics worldwide gain greater insights on the different higher education systems of the Middle East and Africa region. Through the various networking opportunities and interactive sessions available at this conference, it allows academics to share some of their best practices and research findings that can help universities gain better knowledge and understanding towards the advancement of university excellence in all its forms.

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